It is a syndrome of optic nerve damage associated with an open angle in the anterior chamber and elevated intraocular pressure and marked excavation of the optic nerve with visual field loss, visual loss, and some pain.

Treatment: it is necessary to reduce the internal pressure of the eyes. There are three types of glaucoma treatments: drugs, laser surgery, and conventional surgery.

A) Medications are often the first treatment for glaucoma and work in one of two ways: 1) They make your eyes make less fluid 2) They increase the leakage of fluid from the inside of your eyes.

B) Laser surgery works in one of two ways: 1) Helps your eyes drain fluid better 2) Decreases the amount of fluid your eyes produce.

C) Conventional surgery works in one of two ways: 1) It redirects fluid to bypass the part of the eye drainage system that is not working properly. 2) Create new pathways for fluid to drain from the eyes