Hidrops Corneal

It is the result of breaks in Descemet's membrane, which allows the introduction of aqueous humor into the corneal stroma, resulting in marked edema. There is sudden loss of vision, photophobia and pain and it is produced by a slight trauma, generally when rubbing the eye, in a thin cornea with ectasia. After several weeks or months, the defect closes, and a deep stromal scar is left permanently.

Treatment: There may be spontaneous resolution and conservative treatment with hypertonic solution and cycloplegia is indicated. The use of steroids is controversial, it can be used to reduce the inflammatory process and subsequent neovascularization. Compressive patch is used changed every two days, and Atropine 1%. Penetrating Keratoplasty is required, when the edema persists after several months, if the scar is extensive, or involves the central area of ​​the cornea.