It is an inflammation of the cornea caused by fluid retention and produces a decrease in vision, caused by blows, surgeries, accidents, medications.

Treatment: It is based on solving the main problem that caused the appearance of edema. a) Damage to damaged endothelial cells: In the absence of a definitive cure when the cells responsible for extracting the fluid from the cornea are damaged and, therefore, are not able to perform their function adequately. B) Elevated intraocular pressure: Eye pressure should be lowered first by using appropriate medication: brimonidine, beta-adrenergic blockers, and other ophthalmic preparations. c) Use of contact lenses: You have to limit their use or stop using them permanently or adjust them correctly or change the type of contact lens and the material with which they are made. d) Surgical treatments: in the most severe cases of corneal edema, Descemet's automated endothelial keratoplasty, also known by its acronym, DSAEK, can be used, and even a corneal transplant.