The eyes need tears to stay healthy and without discomfort, when they do not produce enough tears, there is a condition called dry eye, also tears do not have the right combination of elements or when the tear film is not of good quality. You feel itchy and burning eyes, scratching or gritty sensation inside the eye. In windy places or near cigarette smoke, also when wearing contact lenses, it causes pain. It may have a lot of tearing, but the tears are of poor quality.


  • Eyelid hygiene to eliminate excess bacteria and fat, applying heat to the eyelids, massaging them, and cleaning them with a soap solution or specific wipes.

  • Contact lens wearers must exercise extreme care and make proper use and good maintenance.

  • Avoid heating and air conditioning, use humidifiers, protect the eyes with sunglasses and hydrate them with artificial tears.

  • Take visual breaks every 20 minutes (looking away from the near vision activity in which we are immersed) and avoid rubbing the eyes.

  • Consume omega 3 fatty acid supplements to improve tear quality.

  • Topical or oral anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, always under specialist prescription.